Noson Sgrin Agored 29/09/18 Open Screen Night

Diolch i pawb am noson gwych gyda lawer o ffilmiau – animeiddiadau ac eraill!   Thank you everyone for a fantastic evening of films – some animations and others too!

Molly – Phil Head

Llifo (excerpt) – Sean Vicary

Gadael Abereifed – Ail Symudiad: Cyrhaeddiad Aberteifi – Jacob Whittaker

King of the Clouds – Tanwen McIntyre (not online)

Rhyfel y Sais Bach – Peter Stevenson

Serendipity on Demand – Tanaya Vyas (not online)

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 21.04.09 copy
Zebra – Owain Morgan (not online)

Remote Choir / Cor Pellenig – Ruth Jones (full version not online)


Untitled – Samba Ndong (not online)

RallyfeverCaptureRally Fever – Gary Evans  (not online)

Blue Light PSA – Sam Knight

The Grounding of Lily – Steve Knight

Villainy – Jacob Morris

Noson Sgrin Agored 09/06/18 Open Screen Night

Diolch pawb! Thanks everyone!

Mixes at an Exhibition – Jacob Whittaker

Burry Port News – Bill Hamblett, Jacob Whittaker & Ysgol Glan Y Mor

Teifi: Pwll Y Telynor – Kathryn Campbell Dodd & Absent but not Forgotten (not Online)

DOT. Sydney to London on a wing and a prayer – Make Your Bones
(Presented by John Plumb of the Adventure Travel Film Club)

Micro Macro Mandala – Grow Wild Aberteifi

Jacob Morris – A Reflection of Kerala

Jacob Morris – The Journey of a Water Droplet

penny d jones – The Wash

Noson Sgrin Agored 10/02/18 Open Screen Night

Diolch pawb! Thanks everyone!

Caroline Juler – Philosopher Shepherds
Sam Vicary – Untitled

Jacob Whittaker – Micro Macro Mandala

Martin Evans – Earl’s Pearls; Nuisance; The Curious Incident of an Idiot in the Night-Time

Chi – Cycling the Silk Road; Refugees from Kobane in Suruc, Turkey; Homeland Kobane
(Presented by John Plumb of the Adventure Travel Film Club)

Millie & Ben – Nightmare (Trailer)

Sean Vicary & Small World Theatre – Plastigwaelod

Ultimate Dollar Coin Vanish.mp4.00_00_28_06.Still001

Ripped and restored.mp4.00_00_02_23.Still001
Martin Worrall – New Ideas in Coin Magic; Ripped and Restored

10 Pont Llanio SE.mp4.00_02_14_19.Still001
Singing the line into Existence – Pont Llanio

Phil Head – All the Weather in a day

Noson Sgrin Agored 09/09/17 Open Screen Night

Diolch eto i pawb am ddod a rhannu eich ffilmiau ac i pawb am ddod i wylio nhw hefyd!

What a  great selection of films!   Thank you all so much for sharing them with us!

Maura Hazelden – Wyneb//Surface #2;

Caroline Juler – What is GO Camp? (Not online)

Jacob Morris – The Monk’s Trod (not online); Nature

Jacob Whittaker – Micro Macro Aberteifi Timelapse; John Roberts of the Frolic

Winding Snake & Small World Theatre – Rangoli Time Lapse

J Henry – Watching Paint Dry series (not online)

Samba Ndong – Happy Jumping; Footy (not online)

Martin Evans – An Enigma Variation; The Pole Liner; What Happens When You Die

Kathryn Campbell Dodd – Tromso Reverie; Dungeness Reverie (not online)

Noson Sgrin Agored 06/08/16 Open Screen Night

Digwyddodd y Noson Sgrin Agored ar y 6fed o Awst 2016. Diolch i bawb am ddod ac yn dod â’u ffilmiau. Open Screen Night took place on the 6th of August 2016. Many thanks to everyone who came and thanks to everyone who brought their films.

In no particular order we had –

Phil Head – The Eyes of Texas

Shmoo – Ghost

Jacob Whittaker – Introducing Rufus, Petalfall & Miracles of Fishes

Maura Hazelden
– Hiroshima Remembered & Sketches of Water 2015-16 (not online)

Keryl Appleseed – Confluence (not online)


Gary Evans – The Session (not online)


P Beaumont – Village Massacre (not online)

Noson Sgrin Agored 21/11/15 Open Screen Night

Diolch i pawb am dod a chyfrannu eich ffilmiau

Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing your films

John Plumb – The Slow Road to Moscow & Moto Sort 2015

Joe McDonnell – Kiki Zevenbergen

Maura Hazelden – In the Bag (exceprt)

Absent but not Forgotten – Ty Distaw (not online)

Singing the Line into Existence – Llanpumpsaint (not online)

Jacob Whittaker – A Partridge Family Christmas Album in a Conference Pear Tree





Noson Sgrin Agored Awst 29 August Open Screen Night

open screen night

Another great night with Small World Theatre!  Thanks to everyone for coming and for sharing your films!

Noson gwych arall gyda Theatr Byd Bychan!  Diolch i bawb am ddod ac am chyfrannu eich filmiau!

Sam Vicary
Sam Vicary – Untitled  (not online)

Sean Vicary – Ascension Ceiling (preview, not online)

Shmoo – Waves

Hywel Edwards – ‘Enwau Lleoedd’ gan Rebecca Powell (Aberystwyth)

Jack MacLean – Perception

Phil Head – 20/20 (Vision) George Benson MUSIC VIDEO REMAKE

Kathryn Campbell Dodd – Untitled (not online)

Splinter OEM
Owain Emyr Morgan – Splinter (not online)

Penny Jones – Ralph 1 + 2 (not online)

Grace Finch & Janwen McIntyre – Fight Song (not online)

Singing the Line into Existence – Trailer

Julie Murphy & Jacob Whittaker – The Mermaid

Singing the Line into Existence – A Tale from Dyfi Junction

Rowan Hammond – Signs go on Holiday (not online)

Arthur1 KH
Kirsten Hinks – Arthur 1 (not online)

Sam Knight
Sam Knight – Moon (not online)

Open Screen Night May 9 Mai Noson Sgrin Agored

Digwyddodd y Noson Sgrin Agored ar Mai 9fed 2015.
Diolch i bawb am ddod ac yn dod â’u ffilmiau.
Open Screen Night took place on the May 9th 2015.
Thanks to everyone who came and brought their films.

Korina BiggsHappenings in a Beach Hut

Mim KingDust (not online)

Jo ShaplandSoluna

Simon Whitehead & Rhowan AlleyneMaynard Come Home

Christine KinseyTaith/Journey

Kirsten Hinks Ice (not online)

Philip Head – Eclipse (not online)

Maura HazeldenMidnight Feast (not online)

Sean VicaryTaxonomy (not online)

Ceri Owen Jones and Elsa DaviesBum Yn Aros Amser Hir

Sara Rhoslyn Moore – Making of the Sword (not online)

Peter StevensonPlant Rhys Ddwfn

Kathryn CampbellSparklepig (not online)