Open Screen Night May 9 Mai Noson Sgrin Agored

Digwyddodd y Noson Sgrin Agored ar Mai 9fed 2015.
Diolch i bawb am ddod ac yn dod â’u ffilmiau.
Open Screen Night took place on the May 9th 2015.
Thanks to everyone who came and brought their films.

Korina BiggsHappenings in a Beach Hut

Mim KingDust (not online)

Jo ShaplandSoluna

Simon Whitehead & Rhowan AlleyneMaynard Come Home

Christine KinseyTaith/Journey

Kirsten Hinks Ice (not online)

Philip Head – Eclipse (not online)

Maura HazeldenMidnight Feast (not online)

Sean VicaryTaxonomy (not online)

Ceri Owen Jones and Elsa DaviesBum Yn Aros Amser Hir

Sara Rhoslyn Moore – Making of the Sword (not online)

Peter StevensonPlant Rhys Ddwfn

Kathryn CampbellSparklepig (not online)

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