Noson Sgrin Agored 10/02/18 Open Screen Night

Diolch pawb! Thanks everyone!

Caroline Juler – Philosopher Shepherds
Sam Vicary – Untitled

Jacob Whittaker – Micro Macro Mandala

Martin Evans – Earl’s Pearls; Nuisance; The Curious Incident of an Idiot in the Night-Time

Chi – Cycling the Silk Road; Refugees from Kobane in Suruc, Turkey; Homeland Kobane
(Presented by John Plumb of the Adventure Travel Film Club)

Millie & Ben – Nightmare (Trailer)

Sean Vicary & Small World Theatre – Plastigwaelod

Ultimate Dollar Coin Vanish.mp4.00_00_28_06.Still001

Ripped and restored.mp4.00_00_02_23.Still001
Martin Worrall – New Ideas in Coin Magic; Ripped and Restored

10 Pont Llanio SE.mp4.00_02_14_19.Still001
Singing the line into Existence – Pont Llanio

Phil Head – All the Weather in a day