Noson Sgrin Agored 09/09/17 Open Screen Night

Diolch eto i pawb am ddod a rhannu eich ffilmiau ac i pawb am ddod i wylio nhw hefyd!

What a  great selection of films!   Thank you all so much for sharing them with us!

Maura Hazelden – Wyneb//Surface #2;

Caroline Juler – What is GO Camp? (Not online)

Jacob Morris – The Monk’s Trod (not online); Nature

Jacob Whittaker – Micro Macro Aberteifi Timelapse; John Roberts of the Frolic

Winding Snake & Small World Theatre – Rangoli Time Lapse

J Henry – Watching Paint Dry series (not online)

Samba Ndong – Happy Jumping; Footy (not online)

Martin Evans – An Enigma Variation; The Pole Liner; What Happens When You Die

Kathryn Campbell Dodd – Tromso Reverie; Dungeness Reverie (not online)

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