Noson Sgrin Agored 29/09/18 Open Screen Night

Diolch i pawb am noson gwych gyda lawer o ffilmiau – animeiddiadau ac eraill!   Thank you everyone for a fantastic evening of films – some animations and others too!

Molly – Phil Head

Llifo (excerpt) – Sean Vicary

Gadael Abereifed – Ail Symudiad: Cyrhaeddiad Aberteifi – Jacob Whittaker

King of the Clouds – Tanwen McIntyre (not online)

Rhyfel y Sais Bach – Peter Stevenson

Serendipity on Demand – Tanaya Vyas (not online)

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 21.04.09 copy
Zebra – Owain Morgan (not online)

Remote Choir / Cor Pellenig – Ruth Jones (full version not online)


Untitled – Samba Ndong (not online)

RallyfeverCaptureRally Fever – Gary Evans  (not online)

Blue Light PSA – Sam Knight

The Grounding of Lily – Steve Knight

Villainy – Jacob Morris

Noson Sgrin Agored 09/06/18 Open Screen Night

Diolch pawb! Thanks everyone!

Mixes at an Exhibition – Jacob Whittaker

Burry Port News – Bill Hamblett, Jacob Whittaker & Ysgol Glan Y Mor

Teifi: Pwll Y Telynor – Kathryn Campbell Dodd & Absent but not Forgotten (not Online)

DOT. Sydney to London on a wing and a prayer – Make Your Bones
(Presented by John Plumb of the Adventure Travel Film Club)

Micro Macro Mandala – Grow Wild Aberteifi

Jacob Morris – A Reflection of Kerala

Jacob Morris – The Journey of a Water Droplet

penny d jones – The Wash

Noson Sgrin Agored 10/02/18 Open Screen Night

Diolch pawb! Thanks everyone!

Caroline Juler – Philosopher Shepherds
Sam Vicary – Untitled

Jacob Whittaker – Micro Macro Mandala

Martin Evans – Earl’s Pearls; Nuisance; The Curious Incident of an Idiot in the Night-Time

Chi – Cycling the Silk Road; Refugees from Kobane in Suruc, Turkey; Homeland Kobane
(Presented by John Plumb of the Adventure Travel Film Club)

Millie & Ben – Nightmare (Trailer)

Sean Vicary & Small World Theatre – Plastigwaelod

Ultimate Dollar Coin Vanish.mp4.00_00_28_06.Still001

Ripped and restored.mp4.00_00_02_23.Still001
Martin Worrall – New Ideas in Coin Magic; Ripped and Restored

10 Pont Llanio SE.mp4.00_02_14_19.Still001
Singing the line into Existence – Pont Llanio

Phil Head – All the Weather in a day

Noson Sgrin Agored 09/09/17 Open Screen Night

Diolch eto i pawb am ddod a rhannu eich ffilmiau ac i pawb am ddod i wylio nhw hefyd!

What a  great selection of films!   Thank you all so much for sharing them with us!

Maura Hazelden – Wyneb//Surface #2;

Caroline Juler – What is GO Camp? (Not online)

Jacob Morris – The Monk’s Trod (not online); Nature

Jacob Whittaker – Micro Macro Aberteifi Timelapse; John Roberts of the Frolic

Winding Snake & Small World Theatre – Rangoli Time Lapse

J Henry – Watching Paint Dry series (not online)

Samba Ndong – Happy Jumping; Footy (not online)

Martin Evans – An Enigma Variation; The Pole Liner; What Happens When You Die

Kathryn Campbell Dodd – Tromso Reverie; Dungeness Reverie (not online)