Open Screen Night – Noson Sgrin Agored – 31/01/15

Digwyddodd y Noson Sgrin Agored ar y 31fed o Ionawr 2015.
Diolch i bawb am ddod ac yn dod â’u ffilmiau.
Open Screen Night took place on the 31st of January 2015.
Thanks to everyone who came and brought their films.

Flo Fflach


Peter Stevenson


Philip Head


Kathryn Campbell Dodd – Inside the Birdhouse (Not online)

Penny Jones – Ralph goes to London  (Not online) & Plus 2


Jo Shapland – [in]scape & Silicon


George Manson – Heads (Not online)

Gemma Green-Hope
Watch ‘Ivor Perl’ on Vimeo


Sean Vicary – Slowfall (Not online)


Branwen Munn


Rye Milligan c/o Jill Milligan

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